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Organization Name: Municipality of Wroclaw – City Engineering Division
Legal Entity: Municipality or Regional Authority
Web Page: http://bip.um.wroc.pl/
Country: Poland

Project Idea

"Rain is not a problem - implementation of good rainfall management in urban areas" Please contact us by the end of May 2017, this will allow to jointly prepare the project. The project will promote the idea of sustainable rainwater management in urban space. As part of the Project, tools will be developed to disseminate solutions to stop and use precipitation and melting waters at their location. The project envisages the development of Catalog Cards of technical solutions recommended for the given boundary conditions together with the computer program to choose the optimal solution. In addition, during the Project, demonstrators will be used to reinforce the transmission of the information and training campaign in the media and the workshops and seminars organized within the Project. The overriding objective of the project will be to raise awareness and engage the widest group as possible of local stakeholders and local communities to work towards reducing lost water resources in the catchment area and mitigating climate change Additional expected benefits from the Project are: 1. limiting rainwater outflow from the basin to the natural level and relieving the receivers during the periods of increased precipitation 2. reducing the risk of flooding of built-up areas. 3. transformation of drainage infrastructure, facilitating the reduction of investment and operating expenditures for the expansion and maintenance of the rain drainage and sewerage network. 4. increase the area of green areas, including high green 5. cleaner air 6. changing habits of the people and improving the quality of life 7. increase the competitiveness of the City for the development of housing