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Organization Name: Upper Galilee Regional Council – Advanced Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture
Legal Entity: Government or Governmental Organization
Web Page: http://www.galil-elion.org.il
Country: Other

Project Idea

The Upper Galilee Regional Council is interested in further developing this model for the entire process, across all the agricultural authorities in the area. We aim to create a critical mass of farmers who will lead the entire area into a new era, encompassing numerous fields of agriculture and generating significant change in all aspects of agriculture in the region. The idea is to achieve this without imposing regulations that could burden the farmers and create anti-establishment sentiment among them. The Upper Galilee Regional Council has successfully completed three projects with the support of the European Union and the Mediterranean States – in the field of management of animal waste interfaces in the potable water drainage basin of the state of Israel (LIFE – SHEZARIM 1997), management of a system of humans and nature in the streams of the Jordan River (LIFE Human & Nature 2006), and in municipal treatment of organic waste in an rural and tourism area – a partnership of 8 organizations in the Mediterranean region (ENPI-MED SCOW 2013). The Upper Galilee Regional Council is interested in joining with other organizations, companies, and authorities in the European Union that share a similar agenda in the field of agriculture, in order to submit a joint project to the LIFE Foundation (September 2016), for the purpose of promoting an overall policy of environmentally sustainable agriculture that uses less toxins.